Jordan Kavoosi - Mechanic Pimp - Apple Valley MN

Jordan Kavooi Mechanic Pimp
Hire a mobile mechanic
Hero Stats and Abilities
Origin : Minneapolis Minnesota  
Super Powers :  Never Quitting, Fast Regeneration, Super Endurance, Agility / Flexible, Time To Die Mode
Favorite Super Hero : Wolverine 
Favorite Food : Life Time Fitness Shakes , Apples, Oranges While Running
Age : Unknown - 1000+ years old
Other : Loves to do the worst thing possible everyday. Creates jobs everyday for people. Loves to do tire flips for 1 mile "2.5 hours later" then stretch out and run 10 miles to challenge the human mind. Reading books, traveling, online businesses, concept creation is also a passion of Jordan. 

Story Line: Since Jordan can heal himself instantly we have no idea how old he could be, it's possible he could be 1000s of years old. We know very, little of his personal life. He had one love of his life. She died in his arms in a fatal car accident that he couldn't prevent. So now he is 100% focused on updating the auto industry to the internet and bringing balance / power back to the people instead of the evil corporations who enslave everyone. This slows human progress down in all industries and aspects of life. Do the right thing when no one's looking.

Call Of Duty Gamer Tag : MechanicPimp#2035609 BattleTag MechanicPimp