Raging Elf - CFO - Apple Valley Minnesota

Raging Elf - Matthew Schulz

Minnesota Mobile Mechanic

Hero Stats and Abilities
Origin : Apple Valley MN
Super Powers :  Raging Blood Thirst, Analytics and Projections, Super Pig Strength, Social Interactions Via Meeting New People, Leader , Making Toys Fast
Favorite Super Hero : Thanos
Age: 27
Favorite Food : Shushi, Buffets, Whatever fits in mouth
Other : Likes to eat Crumbl cookies whenever the opportunity arises, very good at motivation and getting things done!  Muffin diving at Perkins. Loves Pancakes and working out everyday at Lifetime fitness doing leg day! 

Story Line: Raging elf was the strongest and last of the elves in the North Pole. In 2019 the north pole was overrun by the Evil Grinches. Santa didn't make it out alive. So without a real mission anymore making toys for millions of kids. Raging Elf decided to stop all evil people in the world who are not nice. By starting with Santas Naughty list until every one of the naughty people are destroyed. 

Call Of Duty Gamer Tag : RagingElf_